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Just a short naruto rpg.
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BREAKING NEWS: There is now an automatic ryo system for every post made on the forums (Please avoid spamming.)       And, Reputation System is out too!!!

In the shippuden world, peace still sustains within all 5 countries at the century that Naruto Uzumaki was alive in. 500 years later, shinobi criminals that have managed to break free from the jails and escaped to roam around the shippuden world. They have released waste and terror around the countries and a week later, a wasteland surrounds the whole regions. The climate was terrible at that point where the day time was overheated and the dark night was blizzardly cold. These criminals known as outlaws have taken over and now the surviving heroes of the land tend to protect what they have and utilize their remaining strength to live on. 11 years later after the tough battle, miraclously the shinobi have won and the outlaws retreated and only a few of them were left. Sooner, more shinobi had their willpower to create better and new villages. Outlaws still roam the countries as many but together, we will triumph them and become the ultimate ninja.


 Ryo/Reputation Point System and Adv. Profile

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PostSubject: Ryo/Reputation Point System and Adv. Profile   Ryo/Reputation Point System and Adv. Profile EmptyThu Mar 19, 2009 7:29 pm

Ryo/Reputation Point System
As some of you may know the top scrolling bar, you might of seen something about ryo and reputation point system. The details are all here. What is the ryo/reputation system? (Note: They both are separated for those of you that don't know.) Let me explain the ryo system in simple terms. The ryo system is automatic so no modifying is included. Yipee! Anyway, it means that every post you make is 30 ryo and every subject you make is 40 ryo. Please do not spam the forums just to get more ryo. ESPECIALLY in the role playing zones. Any post untolerated is deleted in the role playing zones and will receive that user a warning as well.

Reputation points are also in use. You may now vote any post if it is a good comment or a bad comment and a good comment vote adds reputation points and a bad comment vote negates reputation points. There is also a "thanks" button which i have not tested and don't know where the heck that is. (Reputation points are going to be used at some point of the game when we have a lot of users.)

Advanced Profiles
An incredible update from the forumotion site. To my opinion, any profile viewed by a member will look like a similar myspace profile with the comments, add to friends list and everything. (Yes you get ryo from adding friends.) You can make comments from any other person, add them to your friends list, contact them, and other stuff. Have fun

Note: To add friends and reject friends, go to Profile, Friends and Foes.
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Ryo/Reputation Point System and Adv. Profile
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