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Just a short naruto rpg.
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In the shippuden world, peace still sustains within all 5 countries at the century that Naruto Uzumaki was alive in. 500 years later, shinobi criminals that have managed to break free from the jails and escaped to roam around the shippuden world. They have released waste and terror around the countries and a week later, a wasteland surrounds the whole regions. The climate was terrible at that point where the day time was overheated and the dark night was blizzardly cold. These criminals known as outlaws have taken over and now the surviving heroes of the land tend to protect what they have and utilize their remaining strength to live on. 11 years later after the tough battle, miraclously the shinobi have won and the outlaws retreated and only a few of them were left. Sooner, more shinobi had their willpower to create better and new villages. Outlaws still roam the countries as many but together, we will triumph them and become the ultimate ninja.


 Shinobi Level and Experience

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Shinobi Level and Experience Empty
PostSubject: Shinobi Level and Experience   Shinobi Level and Experience EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 10:48 pm

Shinobi Level determines how strong your shinobi is. It does not matter what rank you are. Different shinobi could flunk exams and be even stronger than the kage. Shinobi level determines the probability of you winning a battle. Shinobi level is gained by experience which is below your level information. You start off with one and 0/100 experience. Experience can be gained by winning battles, role playing at places, doing missions and other unrecalled things.

The bar is always like -/100. Once the numerator hits over 100, your level is ranked up by one and the experience bar is reset.
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Shinobi Level and Experience
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